Bouquet Transportable
Bouquet Transportable * golden * limited edition

Bouquet Transportable * golden * limited edition

bouquet that you can take anywhere in the world.
A gift card to send to far-away or always on-the-move friends.
A delicate paper sculpture to decorate your home.

Designed & manufactured in Italy in 4 languages limited editions , every piece is unique and hand-made with love.
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Each d.i.y. kit contains:
  • 20/30 paper flowers and leaves [ and bees, snails, mushrooms.... each envelop is unique!  ;) ]
  • about 3 mt of thin copper wire
  • 4 spreads card [closed measures 12*12 cm] to write your wishes in
  • simple instructions to create your composition, on the back of the card
  • a beautiful ivory envelop [12,5 *12,5 cm] 

18 EUR